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Help the world get greener and more ecofriendly has never been easier!

As you all know SHOULD BE produces its shirts and caps fair and ecofriendly,
because we believe that nobody has to suffer for fashion, whether people
nor the nature. So our main Motto is: "Should Be a better world".

We are always  searching for new, fair, ecofriendly and sustainable
solutions that make the world a better place.

Today we found the search engine called

They are a search engine like all the other ones only that they

are non-profit and spend the money they gain on planting trees all around
the globe. That is cool!

Until now they planted almost 5 mio trees, which is pretty impressive.
The best thing about is, that you can easily participate by
simply replacing your search engine with Ecosia. Be fair, do a good thing
and use Ecosia!



Our blue banana shirt should be yellow, the world should be green!
Our Should be a Breastpocket shirt should have a breastpocket, the world should
have more trees!
Our Snowleopard should be relaxed, you should not be relaxed about the pollution of
our nature.

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Should Be a better World, Should Be Fair, Should Be Stylish, that are
the core values of our fashion brand SHOULD BE.

For the exact same values stands the organization

The movement from the UK is spreading all over the world with the goal
to change the fashion industry to become fair. Their main campaign
"Who made my clothes?" connects people with the makers of their
clothes in all parts of the world in order to create an awareness for
the importance of fair prdouction and fair lones for the people stitching
our clothes.

Fashion Revolution provides you with interesting informations about

production of textiles and informs you about their campaigns like
this one:

Fashion is a thirsty business.
Cotton accounts for 90% of all natural fibres used in the textile industry
and is used in 40% of apparel produced globally. Growing it requires a
lot of water. One cotton shirt uses about 2,700 litres of water.
(WWF, 2013)

(Text and pictures by )

If you want help change the fashion industry to become more fair take
a look at their pages and become part of the movement.
SHOULD BE already support them! #fashrev



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